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Stainless steel anchor bolt

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Stainless steel anchor bolt

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Bonding stainless steel anchor bolts is a type of anchor bolt commonly used in recent years. The method and requirements are the same as the expansion anchor bolts. There should be no cracks in the drilled holes. Be careful to prevent the drill bit from colliding with the steel bars and buried pipes in the foundation. The foundation strength of the anchor bolts shall not be less than 10 MPa; the distance from the center of the anchor bolts to the edge of the foundation shall not be less than 7 times the diameter of the anchor bolts;

Stainless steel anchor bolt manufacturers provide a method for designing corrosion tests, analyzing corrosion data, and determining the confidence of corrosion data. It is mainly used for analysis and statistical corrosion, rather than for specific quality determination of a specific product. For example, the 8.8-class screw is used with a 4-level nut; this way, you only need to change the nut for the next replacement. In the supporting use of the product, we generally recommend that the grade of the screw be one level higher than the grade of the nut, so that the screw requiring high strength can be heat treated by carburizing. The Phillips screw is assembled with a screwdriver and does not require too much force, so the strength is only 4.8, and occasionally some wrenches are easy to slip.

The production of water-stop bolts, our production of water-stop bolts are all inspected by quality inspectors, including the length and diameter of the bolts, the tensile force, the appearance of the teeth, the length of the teeth and the width of the teeth, the overall color of the bolt, etc. This series of actions. These are very deep learning. As a qualified inspector, it is necessary to train for a period of time. Usually, they are masters who have been working for many years. They are all highly skilled personnel, so as to ensure the production of water. The quality of the bolts is a must. The production process of the water stop bolt is also complicated. Production testing of water stop bolts!

Stainless steel anchor bolt

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